DNS Manajemen untuk Domain ID. Ini Caranya!

Beli domain Id ternyata tidak mendapatkan fasilitas DNS Management ah rempong amat kok ngga seperti beli domain .COM yang langsung dapat fasilitas dns manajemen gratis.

Ini lho caranya, ada 2 layanan DNS Management yang gratis dan berbayar dimana masing-masing mempunyai kelebihan sendiri-sendiri.

Afraid Free DNS Management

Kamu bisa gunakan dns management dari afraid ini dan gratis tis tidak perlu bayar. Adapun fitur dns managementnya adalah sbb :


  • Free DNS, Dynamic DNS, Static DNS services
  • Free subdomain hosting, free domain hosting, free backup dns, reverse IPv6 DNS hosting (forward/reverse)
  • Free URL redirection [web forwarding]
  • Paid services available for increased account capacity
  • Unlimited number of domains per account (yes really)
  • 5 free shared hostnames, use anywhere
  • 20 free subdomains per domain, use on your own domains only
  • INSTANTLY point yourname.afraid.org or yourname.com to any IP or URL
  • Supports every TLD on the Internet
  • Funding is supplied by the members who go premium. Funding goes directly to servers and high bandwidth connections they reside on
  • Robust support for CNAME, A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, LOC, RP, HINFO, SRV records
  • Round robin DNS supported (Multiple IP addresses for 1 hostname)
  • IPv6 forward AND reverse (both .int and .arpa) supported
  • Forward your hosts to any existing URL on the internet (even to a different port if your ISP blocks 80) with the Web Forward system
  • URL cloaking redirection supported, optionally hide real URL of your site in the address bar
  • Allows you to change web hosting providers without messy DNS propagation delays
  • Simple, fast, flexible and reliable interface, feedback is welcome
  • Works with any existing web host you may already be using for both DNS and hosting
  • If your web host goes down, visitors will see a “timeout” error instead of a “site does not exist” error, e-mail will also remain queued for 5 days
  • If you put a domain in afraid.org, you can edit TTL, Minimum, Allow/Deny AXFR’s, and approve/disapprove others from using hosts on your domain. You can also share your domain with the users of afraid.org, or your own web site visitors using our ‘webclude’ feature
  • Support for vanity dns hosts (example: i.knew.you.were.afraid.org) currently 92,431 domains in the shared pool
  • Extremely reliable, fast, and redundant hosting, and interface
  • All updates go live instantaneously.


dengan dns afraid ini kamu bisa menggunakan dns management dan pointing domain ke blogspot, ke tumblr dll tapi untuk settingnya setting sendiri ya…

Layanan : https://freedns.afraid.org/

DNS Manajemen Hosting di PusatHosting

Layanan yang ke-2 adalah layanan dns manajemen berbayar dari pusathosting. Anda bisa memasukan unlimited hostname dan tim pusathosting siap membantu anda mensettingkan custom domain serta memberikan konsultasi seputar pertanyaan dns.


Biayanya juga murah kok. hanya 15rb/tahun kamu bisa mendapatkan fasilitas dns manajemen ini.

Lihat detail : Layanan DNS Management Domain

Itulah tadi 2 layanan dns manajemen gratis dan berbayar yang bisa anda gunakan sebagai pilihan solusi dns untuk domain id anda.